Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame committee seeks nominations

Nominations are now being accepted for the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame.

Inductees to the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame must have established their professional reputations through Michigan journalism. Honorees will be inducted at a date and in a format to be determined.

Nominees are judged on their contributions to Michigan journalism, courage, innovation, leadership, impact and influence on the profession. They may be living or deceased. The deadline for nominations is Monday, January 10, 2022. Completed nomination packets must be received in the School of Journalism office, Michigan State University, 404 Wilson Rd., 305 Com Arts and Sciences Building, East Lansing, MI 48824-1212. They may be emailed to tpvos@msu.edu.

Nomination forms are available online by clicking this link.

The nomination packet must include the following:

  1. Statement describing the nominee’s professional journalism career and explaining why the nominee should be named to the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame, citing examples according to the criteria on the website. Of particular interest to the committee are examples of how the nominee, as a journalist, has personally impacted and influenced journalism in Michigan.
  2. Support materials composed of 5 to 10 testimonial letters supporting the statement; the nominee’s resume; 5 to 10 examples of the nominee’s journalistic work; and other evidence of merit, such as anecdotes that address selection criteria, if desired.
  3. A 400 words essay summarizing the nominee’s journalism career.

A nomination must include clips, photos, video, audio, online or other samples, if at all possible, documenting a nominee’s work as a journalist and demonstrating impact in Michigan journalism. All materials remain the property of the Hall of Fame and become part of its historical record.

The Hall of Fame Committee is composed of representatives of the co-sponsors, which are non-profit journalism organizations in Michigan.

Nominations must be received by Monday, January 10, 2022.

Questions? Email tpvos@msu.edu.

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