Members of the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame must have established their professional reputations through Michigan journalism.

The Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame welcomes nominations. This checklist is intended to assist you in submitting a nomination to the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame Committee. The Committee will base its decision on the material supplied by the nominators.

Click here for nomination form.

Nominators should submit two electronic copies (on a CD or USB) of all materials except for books, tapes, DVDs, etc.

Nominators are strongly encouraged to adhere to the limits on number of work examples and letters of support. Judges may disregard excess materials in order to bring the submission into length compliance.

Send completed nomination material all together in one packet to:

Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame Committee
School of Journalism
Communication Arts and Sciences
404 Wilson Road, Room 305
East Lansing, MI 48824-1212

The nomination packet must be received by Tuesday, January 16, 2024.

Nomination Packets must include: 

Nomination Form: Completed nomination form signed by the nominator. The Hall of Fame Committee will not consider any nomination received after the deadline.

Nomination Statement: A typed statement from the nominator that clearly demonstrates how the nominee satisfies the criteria and therefore is qualified for membership in the Hall of Fame. This statement should emphasize the nominee’s professional journalism career in Michigan. Please show clearly how the nominee’s stories, career, etc., had an impact on Michigan journalism and created change. Demonstrate why this person rises above others who occupied that same position, for example. It is not expected that all criteria will apply or apply equally.

Criteria are:

• Integrity
• Courage
• Innovation
• Achievement
• Leadership
• Contribution to the industry
• Influence on individuals in the profession

Work Examples: Clips, photos, video, audio, online or other samples documenting a nominee’s work as a journalist and demonstrating his or her impact. These materials become part of the historical record of the Hall of Fame, justifying the nominee’s selection.

Letters of Testimony: Between five and ten of the best letters of testimony that address any or all of the selection criteria. These letters should document and support assertions that appear in the nomination statement.

Specific Examples of Impact: Anecdotes and examples that address specific selection criteria. This material may be presented in the nomination statement or in testimonial letters.

CV or Resume: The nominee’s resumé or curriculum vita.

Additional Documents (Not Required): Other relevant documents that support the nomination, such as clips, tapes, etc.

400-Word Citation: Include a 400 word essay on the nominee’s accomplishments that can be placed in the ceremony program.

Click here for an abbreviated version of a successful nomination packet.

Questions? Call the School of Journalism at 517-353-6430 or email us.