Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame to induct five new members

EAST LANSING, Michigan – Five outstanding journalists will be inducted into the 2022 class of the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame.

This year’s inductees have made major, sustained contributions in Michigan journalism. They are:

Robert Ankeny, dogged reporter on Jimmy Hoffa, Orville Hubbard and Kwame Kilpatrick
Greg Dorsett, from Muskegon he elevated the power of photojournalists to tell stories
Marguerite Gahagan, trailblazing Detroit journalist who opened doors for many women
Tim Kiska, newspaperman, author, professor, historian and podcaster
Beth Konrad, Detroit TV and radio journalist and news director; professor and FOIA champion

The Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame was established to recognize those who have advanced the legacy of a free and responsible press and who have elevated journalism in Michigan. Induction memorializes extraordinary and clearly outstanding careers.

The 2022 Hall of Fame class will be honored at a banquet on April 24, 2022, at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing. Details about reservations and opportunities for tax-deductible sponsorships and ads will be forthcoming.

Details will be provided on the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame website: http://j-school.jrn.msu.edu/hallofffame/ . Questions may be directed to Betsy DeSantis at 517-353-6431 or email at desant39@msu.edu .

Co-sponsors of the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame are the Michigan chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association; the Detroit chapter of the Association for Women in Communications; Central Michigan University’s Department of Journalism; the Detroit chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists; the Detroit and Mid-Michigan chapters of the Society of Professional Journalists; the Detroit Press Club; the Individual Communicators Network; Wayne State University’s Journalism Program; the Michigan Association of Broadcasters; the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association; the Michigan Press Association Foundation; and the School of Journalism, Michigan State University.
MSU’s School of Journalism has been the home of the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame since 1985, reprising the Michigan Newspaper Hall of Fame, which became dormant in 1968. The Michigan Press Association and the MSU School of Journalism established the original Michigan Newspaper Hall of Fame in 1952.

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