Solomon, Linda

Inducted 2011

independent photojournalist


Linda Solomon

Linda Solomon has divided her career between capturing the most famous personalities of our time and teaching others to express themselves through photography.

She is a former Detroit News columnist and entertainment correspondent for CBS in Detroit. She was recognized as Artist Of The Year in Michigan and named as one of Michigan’s Most Powerful Women.

As a photojournalist known for using natural light, the award winning photojournalist was a television correspondent for “Good Morning America,” featuring unique photo essays. Her profiles composed of still images have been on “World News Tonight,” “CNN” and “CBS The Early Show.” Her photos of the Academy Awards have been in national one-woman exhibitions and in photo retrospectives on “Good Morning America,” “CNN” and “CBS.”

Solomon has dedicated her career to introducing photography to others. She founded and created educational programs that have donated over one million cameras to elementary school children. Solomon’s work teaching homeless children to believe in themselves has appeared on Oprah, NBC Nightly News and The Today Show.

In 2009, Solomon volunteered to “save The Birmingham Eccentric Newspaper,” the paper that gave her a start in journalism. She wrote a weekly column, asked local celebrities to write columns and got the story on “ABC World News.” She was also instrumental in getting children in the Bloomfield Birmingham community to write and photograph for the paper. “They are our future and we need to encourage children to recognize the importance of newspapers.” She was recognized recently by the F.C.C. in Washington, D.C., for her successful efforts.