Edward Deeb – Special Service Award

Edward Deeb

Edward Deeb

Received award in 2014

Association and Business Executive

Ed Deeb celebrates his 52nd anniversary in 2014 as an association executive, working with news media, government representatives and the public.

As the founder and head of business associations representing more than 20,000 members including retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, attorneys, dealers and processors, Deeb has written, edited and published countless news stories, editorials, newsletters and magazines to communicate with association members, public authorities and community members.

Deeb is the founder of the Michigan Food and Beverage Association, the Michigan Business and Professional Association and the Youth Appreciation Foundation among other associations.

In addition, Deeb is a champion of others. He has written and told stories and worked with media to help improve the experiences and lives of citizens in local communities and the global village.

Deeb has received numerous awards and honors such as Point of Light Award from President Bush, Michiganian of the Year from the Detroit News, Neal Shine Shining Light Award from the Detroit Free Press, Operation Able Neal Shine Award, Delores and George Riley Stewardship Award from Detroit Public Television, Distinguished Service from The Salvation Army, Ellis Island Medal of Honor, George Romney Award for Lifetime Achievement in Volunteerism, Angel of Change Award from the Easter Seals and Lifetime Achievement Award from the Boy Scouts Detroit Chapter for co-founding the Scouting for the Handicapped program. He has degrees in journalism and advertising from Michigan State and honorary degrees from Detroit College of Law and Davenport.