Angelo B. Henderson

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Reporter

Pulitzer Prize-winner Angelo B. Henderson was one of the most celebrated journalists in the country.

Following his death in 2014 at age 51, Henderson left a legacy of work that is still used as a measure of journalistic excellence. His journey began when he attended the National High School Institute — the Cherubs Program — at Northwestern University. His 30-year career was punctuated by awards and achievements, including Columbia University naming him one of America’s best reporters on race and ethnicity.

When nominating his story “Crime Scene” for journalism’s highest honor in 1999, Wall Street Journal Managing Editor Paul Steiger wrote: “Mr. Henderson, using grit, persuasion and unshakable determination, decided to explore in full what was no more than a brief in a Detroit newspaper early in 1997. The result, published January 20, 1998, on page one, is 3,500 words of sharp prose and startling scenes.”

Henderson was a native of Louisville, Kentucky, and graduated with a journalism degree from the University of Kentucky in 1985. He was a business reporter at the St. Petersburg Times, The Courier-Journal, and The Detroit News. In 1995, Henderson joined The Wall Street Journal, covering the automotive industry. Roles included deputy Detroit bureau chief and senior special writer. In 2001, he returned to The Detroit News as special projects writer.

Henderson was president of Detroit National Association of Black Journalists and was twice elected parliamentarian of the organization. He transitioned to broadcasting for “Your Voice with Angelo Henderson,” a popular news talk show on WCHB-AM from 2005-2014.